Recent Projects... APS
  • Brand accountability

    APS - Advanced Professional Solutions has been at the forefront
    of integrating software solutions for professional service firms across
    the globe.

    The company's strategic advantage
    is in its delivery of accountability to their clients businesses - not only through the technology solutions they develop, but more importantly in the relationships they build and the IT departments they support.

  • Misaligned communications

    Before engaging BrandCreativity, APS's communications were focused on product, completely missing the point of why people work with APS - the way in which APS manage relationships to ensure technology delivers accountability in their clients businesses.

  • From products to people

    BrandCreativity worked with APS to shift its focus from product to people, by articulating the process of how APS work with clients and how the activity supports their clients businesses commercially.

  • Defining the benefits

    New language was developed that cleary expresses the benefits of working with APS, rather than simply the features of the products they sell.

    This language was implemented in a simple pictorial to demonstrate APS's understanding of the real issues their clients typically face. The pictorial provides a practical tool for staff to support the communication of APS as a relationship offering, and a memorable anchor for prospects.

  • Supporting conversations

    APS business cards were transformed into a sales tool, creating an opportunity for starting real business conversations, rather than simply providing contact details to prospects.

  • Training the business

    BrandCreativity developed internal training communications to support the full engagement of the entire organisation - ensuring APS deliver on their promise and build brand value through culture.

  • The Outcomes

    In the words of our client...

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